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Safeguarding Policy

Safeguarding is a term used in the United Kingdom and Ireland to denote measures that allow people to live free from abuse, harm and neglect. Hivos has adopted this term to describe our own similar policies.

For us, safeguarding means promoting and protecting people’s health, well-being and human rights, and enabling them to live free from harm, exploitation and abuse. It is an approach that identifies and minimizes the risk of harm to children and (vulnerable) adults – such as disabled or LGTBIQ+ people – from Hivos’ staff, representatives and partners. Safeguarding can also help us outline best practices for safeguarding those within our organization, including protecting staff from inappropriate behavior such as bullying and harassment.

With safeguarding as a starting point, we can develop standards and measures to target and reduce both residual and potential risks. It therefore encompasses a wide range of policies, procedures and activities that ensure the welfare of staff, partner organizations and those we come into contact with.

Hivos Safeguarding Policy

Annexes Safeguarding Policy

  • Hivos aims for the highest possible integrity in its contact with partners, suppliers, clients, among Hivos staff and in relation to business property. This policy document contains our former Code of Conduct and Whistleblower procedure, which will be revised soon.

    – Integrity Policy

  • The  Sexual  Harassment  Policy  is  intended  for  use  by  Hivos employees and extends to partners and stakeholders who hold contracts with Hivos. It is linked to the Hivos Integrity Policy (2016) and Corporate Social Responsibility Policy (2016). It is also a direct consequence of the new Hivos Gender Equality and Diversity Inclusion Strategy launched in 2018.

    – Sexual Harassment Policy

  • To report suspected abuse or irregularities related to Hivos or Hivos funding and projects, within Hivos or involving implementing organizations and service providers (whistleblowing). Or to submit a complaint about Hivos, e.g. regarding inappropriate behavior, sexual harassment or other problems (complaints).

    Please consult our Whistleblower Facility and our Complaints procedures.

  • The Hivos Code of Conduct applies equally to everyone associated with Hivos, including but not limited to:

    – All permanent and temporary members of staff
    – Consultants
    – Interns
    – Volunteers
    – Members of the Supervisory Board
    – Partner organizations
    – Accompanying family members of expat employees
    – Third-party contractors

    Child protection policy statements are included in our Code of Conduct. They cover special behavior issues when working for and with children, for example involving media and photography.

    – Code of Conduct

  • These terms and conditions apply to all agreements and the entire legal relationship between Hivos and implementing organizations

    – Hivos General Terms and Conditions

  • The document “Hivos and the Private Sector, the Guiding Principles for Companies” clarifies what Hivos considers “responsible” business practices. Hivos preferably collaborates with companies that comply with these principles or make efforts to adopt them. Hivos wants companies to continually seek to improve their corporate social responsibility principles and record. This includes the (re)formulation of policies, actual business activities and the independent and transparent monitoring and evaluation of these activities.

    – Hivos and The Private Sector, The Guiding Principles for Companies

  • These conditions apply to the purchase by Hivos of goods and services. This includes: consultancy, research and ICT services; hiring staff on temporary or contract basis (“op uitzend- of detacheringsbasis”); and purchasing content from advertising agencies, creative agencies or photo stock agencies.

    – Hivos Standard Purchase Conditions

  • Our commitment to social responsibility is a consequence of our values and our resolve to act consistently with our own programs. Sound social responsibility also contributes to strengthening these values. By “taking responsibility”, we mean being transparent and accountable for the choices we make and the things we do.

    – Hivos Corporate Social Responsibility Policy


Hivos’ Gender Equality, Diversity and Inclusion strategy

The Gender Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (GEDI) Strategy emphasizes gender as both a cross-cutting theme in Hivos’ work and the focus of distinct programming, research and advocacy. It ensures that Hivos continues to support programs that consistently address gender inequalities, acknowledge diversity, and contribute to building a body of staff that represents the societies we serve.

Statutes, regulations and salary scheme

In keeping with the requirements of the Dutch CBF accreditation, Hivos regularly publishes updated version of it statutes, regulations, and salary scheme.